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Current Count of RCI Certified Recovery Life Coaches - 7

RCI Membership Benefits

RCI is growing and as we grow we add more benefits for our members. 
  • Networking and community
  • Free Workshops and Webinars
  • Community forums
  • Social media marketing for your programs and services
  • Your business listed on our Find a Coach page
We have some new videos posted by our members. These are videos on topics related to Recovery Life Coaching and they are also posted in our Community Forums if you would like to discuss them. Join us! 
This first answer the common question about the Differences Between Recovery Life Coaching, Therapy, and Sponsorship.  Below is Part 1 on Therapy
And here is Part 2 on Sponsorship.
And here is Part 3 on Recovery Life Coaching

We also have "Defining Recovery" from the 10th National Harm Reduction Conference 2014 by HAMS Harm Reduction Network located in the Forum Click on the Video Thread
Check out our Member Benefits page for details!

RCI Slide Presentation Available to Members

A Slide Presentation that provides an introduction to recovery life coaching is available for download to members.  If you are a member of RCI, you can download your presentation materials from the forum.  Click on the link that follows that will take you to the forum then click on the business and marketing thread

There are many forms of recovery coaches at the moment and we want people to know exactly who we are and what we do.  Even recovery life coaches can describe themselves differently within their own group. We thought it would be good to have a common language and common presentation available to all of our members so that we are all describing the same thing.  So, eventually, when someone says they are a recovery life coach, people will know what you are talking about and it will come from a unified message.

Feel free to use this material to speak in your communities or present to different organizations.  We envision this as a win-win for our members and for RCI.  The more you speak the greater the interest in your services, and hopefully, the more work you will get.  For RCI, part of our mission is to advance, promote and provide strengths based coaching to the addiction recovery community.  Hopefully, this can accomplish that to some degree.
Here is a sample of the presentation.  You have complete freedom as to what you say when you present the slideshow.  This is included as possible material for you to build upon.

Be One of The First to Get Your Credential! 

We are so excited to roll out the first phase of the credential process to get us started! In the near future we'll be ready to roll out the assessment process for anyone who may not qualify at this time, but would like to be certified via a portfolio process similar to the International Coach Federation (ICF) portfolio process. 
Credentials expire within three years of date of approval. Required CEU's for renewal of credentials after three years will be determined in 2014 and applicants will be notified of the requirements when that determination is made. 

RCI is Now Accepting Applications to Certify Recovery Life Coaches

Credentials You May Apply For

Your credential will depend upon your existing ICF designation as follows:
 ICF Desgination RCI Designation
Associate Certified Coach (ACC)     Associate Recovery Life Coach (ARLC) 
Professional Certified Coach (PCC)   Professional Recovery Life Coach (PRLC)
Master Certified Coach (MCC)    Master Recovery Life Coach (MRLC)

Must be a member in good standing of RCI (any membership level)

Must abide by and sign the RCI Code of Conduct

Paid application fee of $200.00

Must provide the following documentation and/or proof of credentials:


    Completed RCI ARLC Application Form 


    Current International Coach Federation (ICF) Credential, ACC, PCC or MCC (copy of certificate required)
    Two separate professional recommendations, one of which must be from an ICF Certified Coach
    At least ONE of the following:

    State certified Chemical Dependency Counselor (copy of certificate required)


    Completed your States required courses for certification as a Chemical Dependency Counselor - must submit proof of state required classes covered AND subjects covered


    Completed Crossroads Recovery Coaching curriculum - (copy of Diploma required)


    Completed BALM Family Recovery Coach Training curriculum - (copy of Certificate of Completion required)

    Recovery Coaches International